Aerial Imagery

Sometimes a photo of the home from ground level just isn't enough and that's when you need aerial photography. Whether it's the beautiful setting surrounding the property, the vicinity to important land marks or the homes location makes an elevated shot needed then aerial photos do wonders! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured for commercial drone work?

Absolutely! All our pilots are licensed by the FAA (Part 107 Certified) and meet each states local requirement such as; the North Carolina Department of Transportation license. And we carry full liability insurance. Protecting our clients is the #1 priority.

Do you edit aerial images?

Yes! just like traditional photos, we fully edit all aerial images before returning.

Are Drones Safe?

Drones are quite safe when operated by an approved and trained drone pilot. Safety is our number one priority and we have stringent procedures in place to ensure that sites are safe to operate in. Before every flight, we conduct a thorough pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and survey the entire flight area to check for any potential hazards such as overhead wires, trees or obstructions. We reserve the right to refuse a project based on safety concerns or bad weather and shots that deemed risky will not be attempted under any circumstances.

What are the advantages of using a drone for aerial photography?

A drone is very versatile and can capture footage from previously unseen perspectives. It can be deployed quickly, get to small spaces compared with a helicopter or plane, fly close to target objects and can even fly indoors. We can program a drone's flight or fly it manually to capture the perfect shots with the high quality camera on board.

What conditions can you operate in?

Calm conditions are preferable but drones can fly safely in moderate winds. We can't fly in rain as the water will damage the electronics of the drone. We check the weather forecast regularly and prior to any drone shoot to ensure that it is safe to go ahead as planned. If we can't go ahead with a job on account of bad weather, we're quite flexible and will make every effort to accomodate you and we do not charge any additional fees in these situations.