Twilight Photography

A truly "wow" effect for your marketing. Twilight photography catches a viewers attention and makes an impression. It exudes luxury and quality. And it finishes the homes story by taking the viewer into the evening hours, with additional features such as up lighting and landscape lighting.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When is twilight?

Timing is everything with twilight, and twilight falls in the time between sunset and dusk.

What are the benefits of twilight shots?

We have found three major benefits of twilight shots:

  1. The listing stands out. Amongst all the nice daytime shots of homes online, the twilight shots grab a viewers atttention.
  2. They make the home look more elegant and glamorous.
  3. They help complete the vision of living in the home, from day to evening. And enhance any exterior features the home may have such as; uplighting and landscape lighting.

What if I really want twilight for my listing but can't fit it in the schedule or budget?

We have a wonderful option for any number of cercumstances preventing a twilight shoot. We call it our virtual twilight shot. We take the shot (or a couple) that we composed from our traditional shoot and photoshop it to appear as though we photographed it durring twilight.