Everyone knows the importance of good photography but videos take your listing to the next level. Videos can increase your conversion rate, social shares and organic traffic from search engines.  And as Zillow Preferred photographers we can leverage your video to gain you maximum exposure! 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are Zillow Certified Photographers! Why is this so important?

Zillow listings with a video walkthrough are sorted to the top of search results giving you more exposure on Zillow and Trulia. Most are simple, silent, short videos of your home. Why do we make them? Because they do increase your listings exposure and are great for certain properties. As Certified photographers though, we can can also upload to Zillow our Premium Professional Videos with music, sound effects, aerials and more!

Are you licensed and insured for commercial Drone work?

Absolutely! All our pilots are licensed by the FAA (Part 107 Certified) and meet each states local requirement such as; the North Carolina Department of Transportation license. And we carry full liability insurance. Protecting our clients is the #1 priority.

How many locations can be included in the video?

Multiple locations can be shot in a premium video, contact us to find the video package that most directly meets your needs.

Can you add voiceover?

Yes! We can add voiceover, we would just need you to write-up a script and it is helpful to have it prior to shooting, so we can create the most seamless integration.

How long does it take to shoot the video and what is your turnaround time?

This varies based on the type of video package you choose. A 30-sec teaser will take about 30 mins to shoot and we can return within a couple days. Our premium videos can take up to 3 hours to shoot and 3 - 5 days to return. As always, if you have specific needs please don't hesitate to reach out, we do our best to accomidate everyone!